Wallarm changelog
Wallarm changelog

Simple Authentication Mechanism in FAST





saml-sso.png A frequently asked question from customers is, "Why didn't FAST find a vulnerability when it definitely exists in the application?" We began to explore the logs and look for the reasons for this behavior. In most cases, the answer is simple: FAST failed to path authentication.

And we took the first steps in solving this problem.

The first move was to highlight the problems of authentication themselves. Now, the Wallarm Console displays the new "Auth failed" status if FAST was unable to test due to an authentication error.

The second move was to add a simple authentication method. What does that mean? Now, you can provide the FAST node with the test client credentials and specify the query parameters they need to substitute. These credentials will be used when executing test queries. Such a mechanism will avoid the use of an expired token, QA credentials, etc.

Read more about the FAST authentication process on our docs portal