Wallarm changelog
Wallarm changelog

Updates from Wallarm’s detection team (December 2020)






With the growing complexity of new applications, technology stacks, and evolving attack techniques, we can implement regular improvements in how the Wallarm WAF detects attacks. This month we have added new Scanner rules to detect:

  • Open access to the Consul UI web interface. Read the details on our blog
  • Server-Side Template Injection in SEOmatic plugin for Craft CMS - CVE-2020-9757
  • Reflected Code Injection in Citrix ADC and NetScaler Gateway - СVE-2020-8194
  • Remote code execution in WebLogic Server - CVE-2020-14882
  • Remote code execution in Liferay CE Portal - CVE-2019-11444

We have also improved the detection of Bash command injection and path traversal attacks in Wallarm WAF.